My name is Kevvo. I invite you to join me in the epic journey of life, art, story-telling, and story-sharing. Our community not only believes in a better world — we’re kreating one!

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“Make a conscious effort to surround yourself
with positive, nourishing, and uplifting people.” Jack Canfield

Supporting the arts is like supporting your local stations or Public Broadcasting Systems. Together, we make sure to keep bringing positive, uplifting, edifying and educational stories into the world. Kevvo is creating such a community for you and many others who love great stories and want to create a better world.

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Latest Releases…

Welcome to the NEW Kevvo.com!

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Hey everyone! I've rolled out a new website design that will help me interact with you better. I hope to bring you many new illustrations and stories, and I hope…

Being, Episode 8

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This strip is based on a conversation I'd had many times up to this point. While one could certainly make an argument that I had a mistaken idea of what…

I Should Write That Down!

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At this point in time, I regularly carry a cell phone with me that has the capability of recording notes, and among those notes I have one specifically set aside…