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My name is Kevvo. I invite you to join me in the epic journey of life, art, story-telling, and story-sharing. Our community not only believes in a better world — we’re kreating one!

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Why Join the Kevvo Community?

“Make a conscious effort to surround yourself
with positive, nourishing, and uplifting people.” Jack Canfield

Supporting the arts is like supporting your local stations or Public Broadcasting Systems. Together, we make sure to keep bringing positive, uplifting, edifying and educational stories into the world. Kevvo is creating such a community for you and many others who love great stories and want to create a better world.

Here are several ways you can join & support the Community:

Latest Releases…

Leaving a Path for Others

| graphic novel, Kevvo, Z Class | No Comments
This week I read a post on Reddit by someone who had successfully financed her Kickstarter campaign beyond her wildest dreams, and she wanted to give a *very* detailed accounting…

Class Has Begun!

| graphic novel, Kevvo, Z Class | No Comments
Usually, when I create these posts I try to dig into something big I've been learning or share some interesting (to me anyway) aspect of my work. ...but not this…

(sustainable) Goals

| graphic novel, Kevvo | No Comments
As 2021 started, I was optimistic that it was going to be the biggest year of my professional career. I'd begun work on my very first, created-entirely-by-me graphic novel, and…