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Usually, when I create these posts I try to dig into something big I’ve been learning or share some interesting (to me anyway) aspect of my work.

…but not this time.

This time I’m just here to shout from the rooftops that Z Class: The Beginning is here and available for purchase!

But really, I guess this book does touch on the things I typically write about. I mean, during almost every step of the process in bringing this book to life, I’ve learned something – from how to get the right font to the right size (from a different app… it’s complicated) to how and when to charge sales tax on purchase (and how to apply it to my web site) – making this book has been a daily exercise in growing and learning and overcoming… and then doing it again the next day.

Likewise, I think this is the *most* interesting thing I’ve created to date and I’m really excited for the stories that are just getting started. My goal was to create something that people could see themselves in, and I think (I hope) I did that… and like the title of the book says: this is only the beginning. Seriously, wait until you see what’s gonna happen in the third and fourth books!

Don’t worry, the next post(s) I make will return to form and I’ll actually dig into some of the ideas I touched on here as well as some of the exciting new things I’ve got percolating in the background… but Z Class is where my heart is right now and that will also continue to be a focus moving forward, no matter what other fun things I get into.

I guess I can’t close this post without letting you know where you can find the book. It’s in my ONLINE SHOP (DIGITAL, too!) and of course you can always reach out to me directly, as well. I want to share this book with as many people as I can because it’s a story I believe in… and it’s really a lot of fun!