Z Class: Trix (Digital)


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It’s a few weeks before Halloween and there seem to be a whole new batch of Z Chrome kids showing up, even as Z Class is still trying to figure out the superhero thing; do they do what they’re told and try to capture these kids, or do they try to befriend them… and what if they get it wrong? They don’t always see eye to eye, and they’re not quite sure who to trust… but they’re going to do the best they can, and hopefully nobody gets hurt.

Z Class: Trix continues the story of Anjali, Justin, Eleanor, Francisco, and Heather – as well as a handful of new characters – as they manage friendship, betrayal, and making time to do homework before bed.

Published: October 2023

*This is a .pdf version of the book, readable on all .pdf readers and apps.
Language: English
File size: 85 MB
Page count: 146 pages